As part of Cebu Business Month, Padayon Cebu: Good Design, Good Business Summit was an event that brought together industry leaders to discuss how design can enhance business performance and improve customer experience. This summit highlighted design as a powerful, multi-functional tool that drives innovation in everything from city planning to brand strategy. With speakers from diverse fields like architecture, interior design, and digital strategy, the goal was to show how integrating strategic design leads to business excellence.
My experience that day was a bit of a whirlwind. Running late, I rushed to the City Wing of SM Seaside Cebu and bumped into Ar. Jason Chua of VSA and his wife. After a quick chat, we made our way to the registration booth. Thankfully, the event started an hour later than scheduled, giving me a moment to catch my breath.
The venue was packed, and as an architect who loves graphic design and branding, I found the talks incredibly interesting. The speakers shared valuable insights into how design impacts various sectors, from hospitality to food and beverage. It was fascinating to see how design intersects with business strategy.
We headed to Ribshack for a quick lunch. It was great to unwind and chat about the morning's sessions. After lunch, we returned to the event and found a cozy spot in a nearby coffee shop to listen to the next set of talks. That’s where we bumped into Ar. Keisha and the renowned architectural photographer, Sir Ed Simon.
As the event wound down, we took more photos to capture the moment and then headed to the amphitheater on the sky deck for a networking cocktail. Despite my exhaustion from a long night at work, the cocktail event was a blast. Meeting new people, engaging in lively conversations, and making connections was invigorating.
Looking back, despite the rush and lack of sleep, attending Padayon Cebu: Good Business. Good Design was totally worth it. The insights I gained, the people I met, and the inspiration I drew from the event reaffirmed my passion for architecture and design. It was a day filled with learning, networking, and a renewed appreciation for the role of design in business and life.
In the end, Padayon Cebu was more than just a summit; it was a celebration of the power of design to transform businesses and create meaningful experiences. It was a day well spent, and I'm glad I made the effort to be there.
Here are more photos from the event:

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